The packaging of a product is very important because it is the first thing consumers see in the product. It must attract the eye of the consumer so that he is drawn to it but should not distract him. In designing packaging for a product, one has to consider the product type, the product use, and the target consumer.

Dos of Product Packaging

Do Appeal to The Right Target Audience.

Packaging is not just about the look but also about the product. One should avoid making the packaging too ordinary or too fancy. It should communicate the message and reinforce the image of the target product. Your goal is to appeal to your target audience. And it would be useful if you’re able to Test packaging designs with 100 real people within two hours or even test for longer periods with different groups of people. After all, the end result packaging should be suitable for the niche and target customers.

The packaging should always be more appealing to those who are going to use the product, e.g., the elderly, young, females, males, children, adults, teenagers, tweens, etc. Let’s understand this with an example; if you’re trying to sell cbd products, you’d want to ensure that you use cbd packaging which is targeted to those who are interested in buying them. The target consumers here may see the likes of youngsters who are attracted to eye-catching packaging and labels.

Do Display Legally Required Information?

“Packaging” refers to the product’s physical outer container. It does a lot more than protect the product: with labels and tags, it conveys important information about what the product is and where to get it. The packaging also becomes the product’s primary advertisement. Further, all products should be labeled with the information required by the government. Introducing and affixing detailed logos is important because it displays not just ingredients but also expiration dates, safety warnings, and other applicable information. So, this means that companies and producers should ideally invest in quality labelling machines from portals like

It can be the deciding factor between whether customers buy the product or not and whether customers recommend it or not. The quality of the label should not be compromised on because consumers have the right to return it for a refund, meaning that if you put up low-quality tags that fade, your chances of making sales reduce. Businesses that sell an unlabeled product should be aware that they may be held legally responsible if a product harms a consumer.

Do Tell Stories and Evoke Emotions.

Packaging can be a great tool in selling a product. Simple design, pictures, and text all help to sell a product. However, there is no such thing as too much design, pictures, and text. Each element should be displayed in a way that attracts attention. It is important to create designs that stand out from their competitors. To that end, creating a packaging mockup can be a great way to see how your product will look in the real world. It can also help you identify any potential problems with the design before you start mass production. With the right kind of design, you can effectively captivate your audience.

Don’t Of Product Packaging

Don’t Overload Designs

Don’t load designs with too much detail or graphics. Because a lot of people are quickly scanning products, it’s critical to make them as appealing as possible. Don’t overload designs with too many design elements. Unneeded images, text, and design elements distract the customer from the purpose of the product.

Don’t Mislead Customers

Paying attention to font size, color, and graphics can’t be overemphasized. These elements of packaging should be simple and clear. Consumers should know exactly what they are getting from the product, not what the packaging says. “Don’t Mislead” is a principle of Product Packaging, whereby companies must not mislead customers. Product Packaging is a branch of Consumer Law whereby businesses must respect the consumer.

Don’t Follow Every Trend

Customers often accept a product’s package as part of the product. They are more likely to accept the product if the package is creative and innovative. Companies that fail to pay attention to product packaging, or that overuse packaging as a marketing tool, usually miss out on a significant opportunity.

A design packaging must be around a certain purpose. Packaging should not only deliver a product but create an emotional experience and tell a story. Succinctly, remember that packaging should be both useful and desirable.