About the Site

The aim of this site is to create a community where we can keep ideas flowing. Over the last decade or so, our careers have given us both theoretical and practical knowledge on various aspects of running a successful venture. We bring that information on this platform in the hope to help our readers succeed in a competitive world. Entering this new space can be daunting, so we would like to ease your way and hopefully provide you with enough options and information regarding various topics in and around the entrepreneurial sphere. 

Greg Harvard

Tech Expert

Greg Harvard is a tech specialist from Illinois, living with his wife and two pet dogs. When not handling the technical needs to his clients, you can find him on a fishing trip with his dogs, cooking or playing video games. In this constantly changing world, he believes technology is the way forward and wants to equip every reader with the technical knowledge that they would help them accelerate the success of their business endeavors.

Peter Limson

Business Expert

Peter Limson is an executive consultant based out of Illinois. Starting off as a graphic design intern at a startup, he spent the last decade growing his career in the business sector, and now is the proud founder of his own consultancy. He often travels to different venues to talk about the corporate sector to youngsters and adults alike. He believes good business comes with smart choices and informed planning, among several other factors. Not wanting to let know inside knowledge go to waste, he hopes to pass it on to younger generations.