Bringing on new employees IS challenging. Recruiting and hiring the right candidate is usually done through an Automatic JobGuide system. Each position is identified by a Keyword and Experience Level and all of the required skills and experience are already determined. In reality, this is really a temporary step in completing a Recruitment Plan.

This process is not unique to the Wal-Mart workforce. This practice is very common in business today and many large organizations use this very similar type of process to identify the right position for respective new employees.

It’s always best to have a good recruiter handle recruiting. It only makes sense to upwards of 90% success rates when you handpick your Recruiters and Supervisors using the Keyword and Experience Guide method. It changes the focus from just finding a great employee to more of a coaching type of approach.

Most of my Recruiters started their careers in staffing and Human Resource Management. The one thing they have in common is that they truly have an interest in you and your staff. Good Recruiters will be able to go in-depth over the Candidate’s abilities, competencies, and skill level. If they don’t they may not be able to determine whether or not this person is suited for the position.

The thing about good Recruiters is that they are always able to identify the experience, new skills required, and general overall THINKING, GROWING, and EDUCATION of each applicant. The key to your Recruiters success is hiring the best, possibly even the best of the best applicants for your position.

Think about the importance of surrounding yourself with the best possible people to assist you in selling your products and your core competencies. By focusing on the skills, experiences, abilities, and competencies of each person who is seeking to fill that position are the foundation for the Believe In and Inspire the Employee principles.

“Don’t sell the horse – sell the people.” That was some of the advice given to the U.S. Army Chief of Staff by General Lee, if you can believe that now. When I hear the phrase “selling the people” I think “Won’t that make them think that I’m trying to sell them for the dumped truck?” or “It will get a little bit better once I get a better uniform, but otherwise I just need to give them a better talking point and a little more of a push to move them right along.”

An effective way to identify how it relates to your business is to ask yourself these questions:

Do you have “Bang Funds”?

How do I find them?

How often do I follow up?

Do I have dreams of an employee where I helped them to develop the skills to know what to do BEFORE they BEG recipient?

Won’t that make them want to work harder for me?

Part of the job searching process Sales Rep’s and Recruiters must ask the tough question, “Are they a TEAM Player or just a MEG locker?”